Are Your Cards Appreciated?

Red_ConfettiSeptember 5, 2004

I've been reading the old posts and ran across a comment by our Minnie in regard to the question - do people really appreciate home made cards? Minnie said, "I was always going to have a stamp made that said '$32 a card' to stamp on the back of my cards - haha."

I ran across a similar response in one of the many card crafting books I've checked out of the public library recently. Can't remember which book, but the card had this imprint on the back:

"Enclosed is a HANDMADE CARD. As such it deserves a place of honor and respect in your home and should not be casually discarded like an ordinary store-bought card."

I think I'll start putting that on MY cards - LOL!!

Did you ever get your $32-a-card stamp made, Minnie??

Do you think your cards are appreciated, after all the time and effort you put into designing, thinking of a verse, gathering materials, carefully planning, cutting, pasting, embellishing, etc.?

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I must have missed Minnie's post, but that's a great idea! Store bought cards usually have the price on the back, so why not put a price, which includes the cost of your labor, on the back of a homemade card? I think that's brilliant! I usually put "Specially Made for _______, by MaryAnn" on the backs of my cards in a pretty font.
I make computer generated cards and put lots of time and thought into them. One of my best friends is not very computer literate, but she makes her cards using all kinds of things and they are beautiful. I love and appreciate every one that she sends me!

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since i am in a group that makes cards and exchanges them regularly. i would have to say yes they are. i always get a postitive post about them including a comment on what part of the card is their favorite. i too use the computer for fonts, along with anything else i can find to embellish them. here is one of the sites i have them posted on. (only 6 of them but if you search around you could see scrapbook pages too.)

Here is a link that might be useful: to see a few of them click here

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"Enclosed is a HANDMADE CARD. As such it deserves a place of honor and respect in your home and should not be casually discarded like an ordinary store-bought card."

I have that stamp.

Some people appreciate them and others don't. It is the same with any craft. My sister made beautiful 1" = 1' miniature rooms and someone asked once "What do you do with them?" Can you believe it. What do you do with a famous painting?
I don't do much in card making anymore since no one around here is "into" it.
I do have a friend who tells me that she has all of my cards on her mantle. The Kitchen Table is doing a Christmas card exchange and I've signed up for that, maybe that will get me going again.

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I do appreciate the homemade cards, but do not get too many, so can keep those. but it is like any other project, there is a limit on how long does a person keep the item, where does it get stored and what happens when we move. In cleaning out items, I try to find a new home, that is someone or some organization to recycle the item.

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Some people do and some don't. I have given up making masses of Christmas cards; now I make just a few and they go to people who appreciate them.

My daughter has all of my cards all over her apartment. Another friend has a special box where she keeps all of my work. My friends who also stamp enjoy them. It's nice to feel appreciated. :-)

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Next year why don't we participate in a Card Swap?? Like we do over at the Kitchen Table. It could be fun and spur us on to do creative things. We could do it for each holiday too if we wanted.

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I'd say it's like anything else ... the person has to understand that it's something that should be appreciated. I make all sorts of crafts, so I DEFINITELY appreciate handmade cards when I receive them. And my son's teacher stopped me in the hall to comment how much she liked her Christmas card. Conversely, I just made one for my 25-year-old male cousin for his graduation, and I doubt he'll notice anything beyond the cash in it. But I enjoyed making it and so I don't mind.

To be fair, someone could pour me a $500 glass of wine, and I wouldn't know it from the boxed wine I keep in the frig! LOL! So do it because YOU like it, and maybe save yourself the effort on those that you're pretty sure won't even notice.

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I really appreciate handmade cards more than the store bought ones.

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I just wanted to add what came to mind - that years ago I made umpteen quilts for many family members and not one person really appreciated it. I discovered them in a camper, used under the car to lay on the I don't do that anymore. They would all think even less of saving a card. RAA

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Other than from my kids, I have only received one handmade card. I was very pleased as I knew she made cards and hoped someday she would make me one. I still have it.

Give the cards (or quilts) only to those you think will appreciate them. The idea of the whole thing is to extend good wishes, which I think would be spoiled by a stamp stating the card deserves a "place of honor." It's not "about" the card, it's about their birthday, illness, anniversary, or whatever.

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I have a stamp that is a barcode and has "priceless" below it. I agree, it is about the persons birthday, etc., and doing something special for them.

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