Benjamin Moore Natura Paint Peeling

jdi1February 19, 2012

Ok I just had a whole house repainted with Benjamin Moore Natura. The paint seems to be peeling in certain places. Is this an indication of what is it to come? I believe the original paint was behr paint and they painted over it without priming. Secondly, I had selected eggshell paint and noticed my painter bought flat paint... would he buy flat paint for the first coat and then use eggshell for the second coat? Is flat paint cheaper than eggshell? The other problem I am having is we used advance on the woodwork and I'm not sure how he prepped it, but it is all runny looking and has a blue tint in between the runs... maybe primer showing through. Does anyone anyone have any ideas why these problems are happening? My speculation is that on the baseboards and crown molding he didn't prime it or adjust his sprayer and thinned the paint down so it just all dripped off. Please let me know your thoughts? I can provide pictures if needed.

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You should only get a primer if you paid for a primer. Generally, primer is not needed for piant to stick well. I have never used Natura, but usually when paint peels, it is an issue with the prep. Either way if peeling is already heppening, there is a chance that more is to come. Flat paint is not meant to be used as a primer for eggshell and yes flat paint is cheaper than eggshell. The flat paint could have been used for the ceilings though. The only way eggshell has a chance to look good on a wall is with 2 coats. As for the trim, it sounds like the paint was just applied too heavily and it sagged. Really, the whole job sounds like a hackjob. Make a list and call them back.

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I see small claims court in your future.

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