Dryer Sheets and Hershey Bar Wrappers...

Red_ConfettiAugust 8, 2004

Can you imagine a greeting card made with a used dryer sheet and a Hershey bar wrapper? The dryer sheet reminded me of the mulberry paper sold for crafting, although a little thinner. And I just could not throw out the gold foil wrapper after eating a Hershey chocolate bar! So I ironed the gold foil - it made a nice crinkly surface on it, ironed the dryer sheet to smooth it, and then put them together with a leftover piece of red cardstock and a blank card...

Here's a close-up of the card...

(Later I added some little drops of 'glittering crystal dimensional paint' around one red heart.)

The gist of this post is that there are crafting materials right in your wastebasket! The trick is to 'see' the usefulness of the items before they end up in the trash!

Now you please tell the rest of us about the found objects/materials you have used in paper crafting!

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That's a nice idea about the dryer sheet. After reading your post I thought why not run a colored stamp pad over the sheet and make colored "mulberry" paper.

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Great idea, Minnie! Yeah, most of the "mulberry paper" is colored. I was at Michaels recently and actually bought one 8-1/2 x 11" piece for 59 cents... but it was sooooo pretty... dark blue with dimensional silver stars and dots on it. I knew I couldn't make one like it for that price. Thought it would make a good "starry night" background on a card.

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Red here is my 2002 Christmas card. I stamped on the Mulberry and then embossed it. It should work on dryer sheets give it a try!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow!!! That is just beautiful, Minnie. You've got a challenge ahead of you to top that one for this year - LOL!

I think the dryer sheets may be too thin (too many holes) to successfully emboss on them. I think about half the little crystals/pellets would drop through the holes. I've never tried to emboss, but think I may have the materials around here - somewhere! It would sure gussy up some of my cards. I'll have to dig around in my supplies and give the dryer sheets a try, and cards, too.

And I sure love your gold background... that means if I want to do that, too, I'll have to eat many more Hershey bars before Christmas!

Are we the only ones here, Minnie?? I really appreciate you responding to my simplistic threads!

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The card came out dark on the photo. That was green card stock for the back. The gold was a cut up gold party bag from the party aisle at the craft store. I think it was crumpled up and then smoothed out.
Didn't you see my 2003 wreath card? I'll see if it is still in the gallery. Here is a second one I did in 2002

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Awww, gee, Minnie! That one is beautiful, too. Can't wait to see your 2004 Christmas card.

Had to laugh at your "The gold was a cut up gold party bag" - just like me, you are seeing "card crafting material" wherever you are and whatever you are looking at! I love to browse the aisles of the dollar stores and look for crafting possibilities in the least likely places.

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I never thought of using a dryer sheet for anything but to use in the dryer or stick in a drawer to make the clothes smell good. I'll bet your beautiful card smells real good too. Great job and Beautiful card.
Minnie, your cards are beautiful. I love sending cards and usually just print mine out on the printer.
You gals give me too many ideas and I don't have enough time to do them all. If I ever get to retire I will never be bored. I have enough ideas to last me a lifetime.

Great Cards Gals and Red...keep eating those hershey bars. I work at a whole sale distributor so now everytime I have to look up something from Hershey I'll think of you and your gold foil.

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I've used dryer sheets for paper crafts, also. I added a bit of fabric paint to some water and tinted some. It turned out pretty neat - kind of a tye-dye look.

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I wonder what effect stamping and embossing on a new sheet would be. Then moistening it to get the stiffness out. When I try it I'll let you know.

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Looking forward to the results of your experiment, Minnie! Can you post a picture, too? Thanks!

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