what color to paint inside of closets

therivieraFebruary 18, 2010


we are getting ready to paint our house (remodel and addition). we are using a neutral beige (dunn edwards ball of string) in the main areas of the house and the hallways and colors in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

my question is - what color should the closet interiors? do we do the same color as the room, the neutral beige, or white?

also, is there a finish that is recommended for closet interiors?


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Usually, we paint them white. Some people paint them the same color as the rooms they are in. This has never really made sense to me because closets are not decorative features...they are closets. A walk in closet is an exception to this, even though I still think they look just fine white. There is no recommended finish for a closet. If you want to be able to wash your closet walls, then use a washable paint. Use a flat paint if you do not care about washability.

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I only had one antique white ceiling, which is shared between the foyer and loft. Otherwise my ceilings and walls in a room were the same, so I just told them to paint the closets the same as the main color in each room.

I never really thought about the white being less expensive, but probably the time saved (labor $) from switching might have made up the difference? They just hit it all and moved on.

If I had dark wall colors, I might not have done that, I don't know, I would have wondered about being able to see things.

Anyways, I love it so far :-)

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I would definitely go w/white or whatever light neutral tone you'll already be putting on the walls. Just don't go with anything dark as it will be difficult to see since there won't be much natural light in there, you don't want being in your closet to cause you eye strain ;). We just did a bunch of painting in our home and found some great deals on paint and supplies at Hardware World. Whenever and wherever I find great deals I like to share my finds. Good luck and happy decorating!!! :)

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I saw a lovely home where they painted the insides of the closets a bright turquoise as a little lovely surprise each time you open the closet doors. I have also seen this recommended in House Beautiful magazine.

Its kind of a way of introducing a really pretty color you might be afraid to commit to on the walls of the room itself.

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I agree with Jockwing ... I paint the insides of my closets bright colors (yellows are fun) ... a nice surprise when opening them.

And my kitchen cabinets (they are built on the wall) - I painted the back of them a nice aqua :)

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I always used to paint the closet the same color as the room, then we got those white wire shelving things and deceided to paint the closets semi gloss white. Actually it works out good, because it makes the closets a little brighter, and the best is that every time you paint the room, you don't have to paint the closet as well, thus making more work for yourself.

So now in our whole apartment, every closet is white with white wire shelving. We are happy with it...

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My closets always have been and always will be creamy white. It just makes it easier for me to see things in there. I tend to use color with some body to it on walls in rooms, and carrying some of those into the adjoining closet could get kinda funky ;) I say that because I've noticed paint can cast reflective color, some more pronounced than others. Along the reasoning that we are careful about color/lighting in a bathroom so our complexions don't take on a greenish cast in the mirror, it seems to follow clothes in closets could also take on reflections from the walls and distort a bit. A scenario like that could get someone like my DH, who's eyes have trouble discerning subtle colors, in trouble. ('your mama dresses you funny' comes to mind ;D

All that aside, I truly believe it's just a matter of personal taste.

As far as sheen, I've always stuck with eggshell. Less glare that higher gloss levels, and easy wipe of the occasional scuff from tired feet kicking off shoes or stuff getting shuffled around on shelves.

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For me creamy white, so as not to skew colors, and keep it light, and eggshell so it doesn't get scuffed and is moderately scrubbable.

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