Town House Kitchen Remodel

abeaFebruary 23, 2014

Hi there,

We are redoing the kitchen in our Berkeley condo. We want cabinets that look contemporary, but do not cost a fortune, and we are now leaning towards high gloss foil. Right now between the two KDs we are selecting, we would have the options of going with Canyon Creek cabinets, Bellmont (1600), or Ultracraft. I found some mixed reviews on Ultracraft Acrilux, but nothing on the other two cabinet makers.

Anybody has any of these cabinets in their kitchens?

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Canyon Creek and Bellmont are both manufactured here in Western Washington. I considered them both for our new house - they are very reputable. Didn't wind up choosing either because they didn't offer the look we were after.

Sorry I can't be more help though.

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Have you considered an IKEA kitchen? Their ABSTRAKT doors have a nice high gloss finish They have great planning software on their web site. I'm doing IKEA with custom fronts because I don't want the high gloss.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi Feisty,
The whole IKEA process overwhelms me a little bit. I love the picture you sent, but I think we need more hand holding than IKEA provides.
I contacted Viola Park, but I could not find many reviews for them either.

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Hi Abea,

Just a thought, but there are designers who specialize in IKEA kitchens. If you like the look/quality of IKEA kitchens, there are folks who can help with you with that. I can't vouch for this company, but based on posts they seem very knowledgeable - Inspired Kitchen Design. It can be a big jump price-wise if you go higher quality than IKEA for the slick modern look.

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Thanks Feisty! Definitely helpful. I certainly like the look, I am not sure about the quality. I will stop by at the local IKEA to check the cabinets. It does not look like anybody has experience with Canyon Creek or Ultracraft foil cabinets. :(

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Abea, I wish I could help you but I have not looked at these companies. I live in a townhouse also. I hope you get other replies.

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My friend had Canyon Creek in her house (that they remodeled). Yes, we are in W WA. She really, really liked those cabinets. When they redo their kitchen in their new-to-them house, they plan to go with them again.

I can't be more specific than that. CC has a great reputation here in W WA.

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Thank you kirkhal & Lynn!

We were finally able to see a VP kitchen in person, and we are going to try to work with them. They think they can work with our budget by having more open shelving, which I already wanted, but was having a hard time convincing the others KDs we talked with. We are still in the very begining of the process, so it will be at least a couple of months before we start any work.
Feisty: your project seems to be going well! Can't wait to see pictures! That is a great advantage of ikea kitchens: you don't have to wait forever for the cabinetry.

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