Starry Night - Three-fold Card

Red_ConfettiAugust 24, 2004

Another easy to make card, with materials you probably have around the house. I chose a winter snow scene, but as you can see, you could just as easily make it a sunshine picture, or an autumn scene, or whatever pleases you.

Materials I used:

grass heads or bits of evergreen trees (not shown in picture)


tissue paper

little star confetti (or use gold glitter)

dryer sheet (used!)


Holding a letter-size piece of white cardstock in landscape orientation, fold it into thirds, concertina style. Open it up and make a wavy cut from one side to the other in a diagonal direction. (Save the other half... if you cut it pretty closely in half, you can make another card from the leftover piece.)

Glue a piece of dryer sheet (the snow) to the front third. Glue blue tissue paper inside the third section. If you are making another season, use the materials of your choice. (I wanted to add some white/clear glitter to the snow front, but couldn't find mine today! I think it would improve the look of the snow.)

Find some interesting grass heads or small bits of evergreen trees, and glue them to look like trees to the front and second panels. Or use dried flowers, autumn tree confetti, etc.

To make a dark starry night, glue some little stars to the top of the blue tissue paper.

Using your favorite software, create a greeting. I made a little colored line box around the greeting.

Find an appropriate picture for the front... I used a bitmap clipart picture, erased around the portion I wanted (the little boy and his sled) to make it easier to cut out, reduced the size to be in balance with the "tree" on the front, and then printed it on cardstock along with the greeting.

Cut out the picture(s) and greeting. Glue them to the card. I added a little crewel yarn rope to connect the sled and boy.

Here's the front (disregard the paperclip... the wind kept blowing the card open!):

And here is the inside, showing the placement of the greeting as well as the whole shape of the card:

This card could easily be adapted to become a Christmas card.

Concertina-fold cards are fun to make because you can create a scene. A few other ideas are ducks floating on a pond, fish jumping in a stream, campsite in the mountains, a little cabin on a hill,...

If you always put a colophon on the back of your cards, be sure to print it before you fold and cut the cardstock.

I hope this idea gets your creative juices flowing!

If you've been making cards, please consider photographing them and showing them to us here!

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Very pretty will have to try it

    Bookmark   October 17, 2004 at 12:26PM
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Very nice!!

    Bookmark   November 17, 2004 at 8:53PM
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