Embossed dryer sheet

minnie_txAugust 20, 2004

I stamped and embossed an unused dryer sheet and then soaked it to get the softener out. I'm not too impressed. You have to really put the sheet over a piece of card stock to see the image. The image came out great tho. On the photo you can see that one looks ragged that is because the heat gun started to melt the first image. I don't think it is worth it. I'll stick to Mulberry paper I think.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks so much to experimenting, Minnie! Don't be too discouraged... you would probably be putting the embossed dryer sheet on a piece of card stock (as in a greeting card) when you actually use it anyway, so it would show up then.

Did the image look appreciably better before you washed it? Did any of the embossing 'wash' off? Do you think it is necessary to wash it after embossing?

Frankly, I think they look GREAT! I'll have to get to "The Store" and get some embossing stuff/.

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I don't think you'd have to wash it after embossing but it would be kind of slippery and have a nice smell to it. No the embossing did'nt wash out I used gold embossing powder and some other color might have been better under the circumstances.

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It might be neat to stamp ghosts on some and then frame them in a window for a Halloween card. Just remember to watch that heat gun unless you want hanging cobwebs haha

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I thought you were supposed to use "used" dryer sheets. Once they've been through the dryer they've lost the stiffness of the fabric softener as well as most of the smell.

I have a segment from an old Carol Duvall show... I'll get it out and see.

The idea, as I recall, is to get a lace look on your card stock. The dryer sheet melts in a lacy design and sticks to the paper when you hit it with a heat gun.

Am I thinking of the wrong project?

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We were experimenting with doing it before it was a "used" sheet.

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