Any quillers out there?

tiogaAugust 23, 2008

A few years ago I received a wedding invitation that was quilled; beautiful. I ordered quilling books and learned to do this wondeerful art which I use for greeting cards of all kinds. My friends love them and always say they're keepers and will be framed and displayed. Are there any other quillers in That Home Site?

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Yes, my daughter and I are trying to get into quilling.
We are beginners to say the least. I think it is almost a lost art and it is so beautiful. Isn't it hard to send greeting cards? Don't you have to send them in a bubble envelope? We are hoping to get good at this art.

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Hi Maddy: So sorry I'm late getting back to you, but this is the first time I've been on this forum since I posted the quilling question, and we don't receive answers to our postings like we used to.

I usually go to the Kitchen Table. But to answer your question about mailing quilled cards, I take them to the Post Office and have them hand-cancelled. So far, they've reached their destinations without any problems.

Happy Quilling,


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I quill also. My sister got me started. It is a lot of fun. We found some kits at the Dollar Tree that had pics we could follow also last year.

Re email from postings: you review the posting and there is a place to mark if you want to receive answers.

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