I need a Xmas ornament idea.... Please?

FlamingO in ARAugust 16, 2002

I go to an ornament party every year, and bring 24 ornaments, usually painted or sewn. This year I would like to make some that don't take me a week! Do you have any paper ornaments that would make a great impression, (I have an image to uphold, lol) but that I could do at work when it's slow that would wow the other ladies?

Thanks for any suggestion, y'all!

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OK, Flamey, since you blew off my questions on your other thread I guess I'll answer you here, lol;-)!
My entire tree is going to be nuttin' but paper ornies this year so I have been collecting ideas.
These will rock the house, I promise! All you need is one of the medallion stamps, some coordinated colored cardstock (and I like to use a piece of metallic poster board, too), some very fine glitter, some foam mounting squares, plus a pigment pad and some embossing powder.
You probabbly have to order the stamp online or from a rubber stamp store, but the other stuff you can get at Michaels. Use the econo packs of scrapbooking cardstock, and metallic poster board from the kiddie supply aisle or one big piece of metallic from the art paper supply aisle, the inexpensive Anita's brand pigment ink, and the inexpensive ultra-fine glitter assort pack from the fabric painting aisle.
Manicure scissors work well for cutting out the different shapes. I like to add some extra pizazz with tiny crystals like the ones you put on manicured nails. You can order them very cheaply online from creativecrystal.com in multipacks or single colors by the gross.
he pictures on this site are nice but do not capture the sparkling beauty of these medallions.
Here are some basic how-to's from Carol Duvall.

Here is a link that might be useful: medallion stamps

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I have a couple of three-dimensional suggestions, both similar folds, but that look slightly different:

1)Traditional Waterbomb


(particularly effective in shiny paper - you can cut up wrapping paper into squares and use that)

If you would like the diagrams for #2 (which aren't online) email me privately and I will email you a copy of them.

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&%#@$% Geocities. (grumble, grumble)

Use the link below to see what #2 looks like after it's folded:

Here is a link that might be useful: Stellated Octahedron (at Webshots)

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FlamingO in AR

Karen! I didn't blow you off, I answered you July 12th, ya brat! lolol

Your ornament idea is lovely. I don't know that I could do it at work though....... I'll have to ponder it. Don't want to get in trouble with the boss guy...!

Herbabuena, I really like the octahedron, I imagine if I used really pretty, jewel-toned papers, it would make a wonderful ornament. I'm going to think about that one, I may email you for the instructions, if you don't mind.

I do appreciate the ideas, KAREN and herbabuena! lol

Any other folded paper ornaments ideas out there? *whine whine*

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Flamey- uhm,...oops!
I was thinking you could stamp the medallions at home, and do all the cutting out and stacking/gluing at work, then add your glitter at home when they are all assembled.
OK how about these ideas:
ornament box
origami angel
german star
star book
inka's star or paper purse as an ornament
enough projects to keep you busy til next year just click on the "fabric origami" button at the top of the home page.
and finally, one that I made & gave out a few years back. It is a "sonobe cube" which I made using dark, light, & metallic patterned wrapping paper. I ran a green floral wire thru the diagonal corners and twisted a loop at each end, then strung a beaded tassel on one end and a ribbon loop on the other. I followed directions in "Unit Origami" by Tomoko Fuse. If you are interested, I can post a few assembly pics because the assembly diagram on that page is pretty confusing. Trust me, it was easy enough to teach to my 4th grade students & they had a ball with it. We filled several trees with them!

Here is a link that might be useful: quilt block ornie

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Yep, just say the word and I'll try and scan and email those stellated octahedron instructions. I think jewel-toned paper would be beautiful with them!

I also wonder if little colored cellophane waterbombs might make cool exclosures for Xmas minilights? Ala those expensive strands you can buy with little plastic pop-on shapes like peppers or frogs, etc.

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Here are some pretty little stars that work up quickly:
Amazing Miniature 3D Star
They are kind of small, but wouldn't they be sweet on a tiny Christmas tree?

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cool! I knew about these and always made them from ribbon, but I've never seen them made of junk mail! Those look neat!

Swedish Stars (also made from strips) look interesting when made of junk mail and magazine covers. My friend Deb cuts strips with her quilting wheel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swedish / Moravian Stars

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I was going to suggest those Moravian Stars! But never having made them, I assumed they're not quick and easy. Am I wrong? My sister made them out of slippery silver ribbon...

I found the basket made from the stars, called a May Basket, but I thought they'd be pretty filled with poinsettias, too.

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they're not that hard, really! Just be really careful to pay attention to the twisting of the strip and exactly which slot they indicate.

of course, those puffy little knot stars are much easier...


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FlamingO in AR

Oh, WOW! So many great ideas, now I have to decide! I am really leaning towards the sonobe cube, Karen. I think I will need help with the assembly though. Am I correct in thinking that it's just a matter of tucking them together in the proper order? The drawing is quite confusing, so HELP me! lolol

Then instead of a tassel, I might dangle some little 3D stars from the bottom, like a large, medium, and small....

Thank you everyone, I think the quest for an ornament is over now, for me at least.

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Flamey- yep... you're just tucking the points into little pockets in each "unit". What I did was basically form a cross shape with the pieces tucked into each other, then pulled all the ends up and together, and tucked them into each other. Think of a box with each side cut down and laying out flat.
Not to worry...I will recharge my camera batteries and take some pictures of assembling it step by step & post them for you this weekend. I love your idea of hanging little stars from the bottom! I have some dollar store foil papers with tiny stars on them & it would look great to do that. Thanks for the idea!

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FlamingO in AR

Ah-ha! Karen, you don't need to post any pix for me, I figured the assembly out, it took a couple of tries, but I finally got the perfect, totally closed cube.

I like it, too! I think it'll be real cute for an ornament, I'm starting to re-think the little stars though.... 24 cubes and 72 stars and I think my ornament is back into the "monster" catagory again. A bead and a tassel are sounding real good!

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FlamingO in AR

I've decided to put a little jingle bell inside the cube too.

Did you know that post-it notes work well for practicing on a small scale?! lolol

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bumping this up 'cuz of all the great links
(and I don't want to go looking for it again!) ;-)
Hope someone else finds something they like among these!

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FlamingO in AR

In case anyone is interested, I did make 25 of the Sonobe Cubes (150 squares of wrapping paper in red, green and gold plaids and florals) and I put a couple of red beads at the top, and a couple of gold pony beads and red beads and a beaded tassel at the bottom. For the tassel, I bought a yard of beaded fringe from Hobby Lobby, and used 3 strands for each tassel, pulling them up into a pony bead.

They came out really cute, and the best part was that I did them ENTIRELY at work, from start to finish. (I have THAT kind of job, lots of down time, with permission to work on personal stuff.) The peeps at the party really seemed to like them, too, and made me demo how they work. I forgot to stick a jingle bell in 'em, though. *dope-slapping myself*

Thanks again, Karen, since I pretty much COPIED yours completely! lolol

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Excellent, Flamey! Did you keep one for yourself to scan and show us (not-so-subtle hint)?
Once you get the hang of them they are a cinch to make. And other peeps are duly impressed by your folding magic, lol! Sounds like your party was a blast. I would love to participate in something like that but nobody in my family/circle of friends is very interested in making their own crafts :-(!

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I'm interested! In fact, I almost asked for an update when I bumped this up. Didn't want to put you in the hotseat, though. LOL! So you cut out all 150 squares of paper yourself? I think a big hooray for you is in order!

I want to see a picture, too!

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