Million $ question - best ceiling paint?

ArapahoFebruary 8, 2011

I'm getting ready (I think) to paint my LR ceiling. Which is the best ceiling paint to use? Something that can be cleaned without showing marks - is there a ceiling paint that even fits the bill?

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Depends on your ceiling itself!
Is it smooth, popcorn, or other type of texture?

MOST "Ceiling-paints" are a "Dirty White", and are normally VERY flat. Usually flatter than a wall-flat.
>>> Normal CP's can't be cleaned well because they're so flat.

You can certainly use a "sheen" on the ceiling! It's purely "Decorative preference"!
The "Period look" can come into play in some home styles. Fairly glossy ceilings were considered a must in some areas.
Consult experienced Decorators/Architects if this is a concern.

The Brand itself?
Stay with upper grades/best level. Once you're in the top grades, the PERSON & TECHNIQUE applying it is MORE important!
We've got the C2 CP, L8150-01. Really went on nice and looks great. I'm very pleased.


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

besides what faron said, here you go

Here is a link that might be useful: ceiling paint

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What Chris N said...

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Thanks, everyone! The ceiling is just your typical ceiling with a coat of Muralo flat white ceiling paint on it. The paint job isn't the best - a cheap roller was used and the paint was put on too thick. I was planning on sanding where it really needs it only, priming and then one top coat. What would you recommend as a primer? How can I avoid roller marks or marks of any kind? The room is about 20 x 15.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

No priming necessary and get a guality brush and cover. I would use a 1/2 in wooster 50-50 cover

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christophern, really, no priming? I always buy the best tools - so a 1/2" tapered Wooster brush and what is the 50-50 roller?

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