How to Hold Paper to Cutting Mat without Marring Paper

Red_ConfettiAugust 16, 2004

I have tried many different tapes to hold the paper to my work surface when I am making cards or other paper projects. I have usually been dismayed to find part of the paper surface torn up or marred when I removed the tape.

Tonight I tried that blue stretchy stuff that is usually used to temporarily hold posters, etc. to the wall. It is called FunTak, although I am sure there are other brands. I got mine at a large hardware, but I've seen it at other stores.

Here is a picture of it in use. It is the two little blue blobs at the top of the paper, holding the sheet to my cutting mat. I was about to score the paper (using a metal straight-edge and the back side of a small crochet hook) so I could fold the paper into a multi-fold card.

If you have some of this blue stuff around the house, give it a try. I think you will be pleased with it. It did leave a few little gloms of the blue stuff on the paper when I first pulled it off, but I just rubbed them with a finger and they rolled right off.

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I was looking in a drawer just this morning and found some of the tak stuff. Good idea.

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There is also some special scotch tape that is removable, but hard to find.

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