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ctrenoFebruary 27, 2010

Soon we will be painting our entire house inside and out, mostly brand new sheetrock, about 3 rooms with original 1920's plaster, and exterior 1920's & 2010 stucco. I have just finished reading several threads here, but was wondering if someone could give me tips on how to get a (relatively) quick education on comparison of brands, finishes, and relative costs before I begin investigating colors. We are on a fairly tight budget, but I think paint is important, so I am willing to spend somewhat more if the difference is really perceptible.

I have read a lot of good things about C2, F&B, Home Depot Fresh Aire, and BM. On a gallon-to-gallon basis, how do they compare in price (did a google search for C2 price but came up empty.) What should I consider in terms of finishes for interior - want something that I can wipe down in the high use rooms - kitchen and baths.

What about exterior stucco? Our house will have two eras of stucco - 1920s and 2010. I read that you are never really supposed to paint stucco, but I guess you would normally put the pigment in the stucco mix. However, once painted, you then are forced to paint. Does anyone have certain paints that they like for stucco?

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This topic is very broad and difficult to answer because every single person wants something different from their paint. If you want something truly washable, you are probably looking at spending $40-$50 per gallon retail. BM's Aura is the most washable paint around that retails for around $58-$62. You probably want to use eggshell. Aura has a washable matte that is very low sheen if you are trying to avoid having shiny walls. The other washable mattes that are available are not really that washable IMO. Generally speaking, paints sold at Lowes and Home Depot are considered average to low quality paints by the pros. This does not mean that homeowners buying paint there are always I said, it depends on who the person is and what they are going to demand in terms of performance from their paint. This is why you see so many opinions out there for each brand. For the stucco, you want to go with elastomeric or 100 percent acrylic paint.

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I would agree with all paintguy has said. Ben Moore is my choice of paints all around with a few more. If you are on a tight budget I don't see a see wrong with looking into Valspar premium or their signature line for your INTERIOR. Both are really acceptable and the eggshell sheen is also a nice choice. Painters (like me) just like going to individual stores where we can also shoot the bull sometimes, in addition we do get a discount and some painters feel like there is more up to date knowledge there. Well that is true and not so true. Depends if they just hired the person from the garden section at Wal Mart trying to answer customer's questions when they come in. Sometimes believe it or not you can find some really knowledgeable paint counter techs at the home centers. So you be the final judge on your budget and what you can comfortably be happy with.

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Thanks paintguy and decorative walls. I don't really need something super washable. I think I only have really wiped walls in kitchen and powder room, never really in rest of house. My kids are past the ages of drawing on the walls!

I guess i need to read more and ask questions. As of now, my builder's guy will be doing the painting, but I want to be knowledgeable and may want the option to take that out of contract and hire own painter. I would rather spend a little more on an excellent paint job than have the $ for furniture which can wait.

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I made my own wall texturing paint using this guide, it worked well for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to make your own wall texturing paint

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At our store, the C2 LOVO (Low-VOC) Premium ranges from $40/gal (Matte) to $46/gal for S/G.

Also, as you're probably well aware, prep & priming are HUUUGGE factors in a paintjobs' success/longevity...


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I don't wash walls typically either, but I do have to pass on a story recently about washing walls and paint.

I recently removed some pictures above the sofa. There had been 3 pics now I wanted one large one in the center. When I removed the 3, I saw a lot of nail holes from prior centering attempts. So I dabbed a tiny bit of spackle on them. Then instead of sanding, I wiped the small amount of excess with a damp cloth before applying my touchup paint.

Well, that little wipeup left a very noticeable loss of sheen or color or both. I was pretty dissappointed.

I think the paint was BM Pearl, but I can't be sure. The can is gone.

Since using Aura on my kitchen cabinets, I now use Aura for everything.

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