Check out the Dollar stores!!

minnie_txJuly 16, 2003

Yesterday at my "Everything's a Dollar" store I got the following great products.

A Fiskars Photo Inspirational Memory Kit which included;

A sheet of peel and stick corners, a sheet of Inspiriation peel and Stick stickers

A Stencil ((12)

A sheet of pre-printed frames.

4 sheets of reversible cardstock

4 sheets of reversible patterened paper.A Great Deal all for 1$


Packages of AllNight Media Stamp Art papers. 10 Decorative sheets -5 large 5 small Silver collection and a green collection (with Mulberry type papers. I know I've paid at least $5 for a pack of this.

I also got 2 separate stamp sets by All Night Media

1 - Frame It 3 frame and 2 corner stamps in puppy dog designs (bones paws etc.

2- Frame It of Wedding designs - rings, heats, corners etc.

Bothe the Stamp sets wer by All Night Media.

Have to go again tomorrow and see if they put anything else out.

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Wow Minnie!
What great deals!
I'll have to check out my dollar stores here in Alabama. I did find some nice goodies at Dollar General the other day - since I'm into Altered Books, I am on the lookout for all kinds of embellishments. They had some awesome bracelets and necklace/earring sets for a buck each - each had several different charms, many beads, all kinds of cool dangly stuff that I can use by disassembing them! Also found a large sheet of stick-on earrings for little girls - real neat shiny "gems" that will be great for embellishing.
Thanks for the heads-up, Minnie. You always find the greatest bargains!
jackie (alabama)

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Another place to get great big beads is to look in the hair section where the pony tail ties are etc. I got some great ones made by Jordache that were giant jewel shapes etc. Nice for hanging on the bottom of an ornament. they were pony tail ties a piece of elastic with a bead on each end. for $1 it amounted to about 16 beads.

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Wow. I just saw the stamp art papers on ebay. Maybe she bought it at the same store you did. She is listing 10 packs for around $10 including shipping andhandling. I might just buy it there as it saves gas

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay coupons ebay rebates and online coupons guide

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