Paper Napkin Becomes a Greeting Card...

Red_ConfettiJuly 12, 2004

Here's a very easy card to make. All you need is a pretty or interesting paper napkin... one with a nice picture or design. You cut the design out, plan how it will be placed on the card, decide on the verse, print the card, then glue the napkin picture to the card!

Here's the napkin that got me inspired...

It yelled "Old MacDonald's Farm" to me (something my Mom might still remember and enjoy singing), so that is the card I made. I cut the image essentially along the rooftop/treetop/fenceline as I had decided to print the card on light blue cardstock. That would become the sky. I also cut out some of the little clouds to paste into the sky. I decided just where the image would appear on the card so I'd know where to print the title on the front. Since the image was large and colorful, I decided to use it on the front and continue it right around the card onto the back, too.

Then I printed the card, the verse inside and the title on the front.

Next I glued the big image to the front of the card, added a few clouds, and then cut out a couple animals from the scap napkin and put them inside the card.

The card was kinda warping after I glued on the image, so I put it between two big sheets of wax paper, rolled it with a rollingpin (pastry rollingpin!) to help seal the image, then stuck it under a big pile of heavy books to dry (still inside the wax paper).

When it was dry, I used a metal ruler and stylus to make a good crease for the fold.

Here's the finished front...

And here's the inside of the card...

I'm going to put a couple of the leftover little chicks on the envelope to coordinate it with the card.

So the next time you are at a luncheon or party, don't use your napkin! Tuck it in your purse and make a pretty card for someone special!

Just remember... do your computer printing before you glue the image on the card. You don't want the image coming off in your printer!

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What kind of glue did you use and how did you apply it so the napkin didn't rip? Great card!

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The napkin had two layers... the printed color layer, kinda bonded to a plain white layer so it had more substance than some paper napkins. I left the layers together. The glue I used was Elmer's Washable School Glue 'No Run Gel' - the light blue stuff. I ran a thin bead all around the edges of the backside of the picture, and made a few squiggles in the center area, then used a soft flat paintbrush to smear/paint the glue to the edges and moosh it around in the middle. The glue did NOT grab immediately, giving me some leeway in ooching the design into place.

I had thought of using spray-on adhesive, but with that type of glue, once you drop the picture in place, that is where it STAYS! No room for error with most of it.

Glad you liked the card. I hope it inspires you to look at your stash of pretty napkins and make a card, too!

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I received a nice email from a lady named Carmen in Canada who loves to do napkin crafting. She can't post here as she's not a member right now, but she still reads this forum. She had a great suggestion on how to glue the napkin to the card...

"One trick I do is put some mod-podge on my cardstock all over and let it dry. Then take the first layer of the napkin and lay it on the cardstock. Cover it with a backing sheet and use the iron to iron it to the glue :) works perfectly."

Thanks for the great idea, Carmen. Hope you become a member soon and share more of your great ideas!

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What an absolutely fabulous card! I love the way you did it and your inspiration is such a neat idea. I would love to see more of your cards.

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