decoupage to make wallpaper?

igloochicJuly 19, 2008

I am trying to make my own wallpaper out of antique poster (reproductions) on paper. On my sample board, I pasted as you would for wallpaper, and then glued it down. Some of the posters are a bit bright, so I toned them down with a glaze...and after glazing you can see everywhere that the glue touched the front of the paper (inevitable with any wallpapering). So....I need to apply something to the paper before hanging it so that the glue will wash off the front and not damage the poster.

I've made wallpaper before from craft paper, but in doing so, I was applying latex paint to the paper, which obviously sealed it somewhat. I'm wondering, is there a decoupage finish I can apply to the paper prior to wall papering with it that will protect the poster, but still allow me to then apply glaze and a final coat of varnish?

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I spray all my ink jet stuff with Krylon Crystal Clear urethane spray. I do it to keep colors from running, but it seems it would also help keep the glue off. Maybe you should glaze the poster first.

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