Depth of open cabinet shelves should be?

quiltgirlFebruary 12, 2013

I will be having open shelves ceiling to countertop. My regular uppers will be 15" deep but I want the open shelves less. I will have a French plate rack on one of the shelves. Shelf on stove side is 27" wide and will have plate rack, serving bowls, cook books etc. The other unit is across the room from it and is 36" wide and will hold coffee cups, pretty depression glass jars for baking stuff, bowls, cookbooks we etc. My question is: If you have open cabinets or shelves, what works for you?

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I have had 9 inches and it worked for me. This about the width of a standard hardbound book. If the shelf is strong enough yo can also put a 10 or 11in plate on it. Some people also do 12 inches.

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An inspiration pix. Love the look of open shelves. How deep?

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For coffee cups, 4" for a single row, 9" for a double row. For serving bowls and mixing bowls, it depends on the bowl. Could be 15" would be needed for that. You need to measure what you want them to hold.

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Ours are 11" bc we wanted to store dinner plates.

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