Claude King RIP

bengardeningMarch 8, 2013

Country singer Claude King has passed away. He was best known for the song Wolverton Mountain. I always liked that song. How many others here remember it? RIP Claude

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I definitely do remember that song!

We had a young daughter and she and one of the local young men had become friends. He often came to visit and he said coming to our house was like going up to Wolverton Mountain!

Seems so long ago now.

RIP, Claude.


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That was a great song--I grew up on country music, so I remember it well. RIP, Claude

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I sure do remember him. I loved the song Wolverton Mountain. If I'm not mistaken, I read an article in the newspaper several years ago that told about a man here in Arkansas who had recently passed away. He was supposedly the man who inspired the writer of Wolverton Mountain. RIP Mr. King

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Clifton Clowers is the man named in the song. He was areal person and did live on Wolverton Mountain north of Morrilton. I didn't realize that was in Arkansas until he died.

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Yes, I remember that song which brings wonderful memories of listening to the opry with my sweet mom.

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This is only my third time visiting this forum in years, and this was one of my favorite songs. Nice coincidence! I hunted it up on youtube several years ago. I see youtube thinks like I do because several other tunes I enjoyed are off to the side; Running Bear in particular.

Here is a link that might be useful: audio only youtube

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That still is my kind of music. Thanks for the link. Loved Wolverton Mountain. And Chas045, Running Bear was one of my favorites too.

Just had to play Misssissippi Squirrel Revival too....dearly loved Ray Stevens songs.

RIP Claude King

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