White cabinets - is it a good idea?

Christy BellFebruary 28, 2013

We recently remodeled a kitchen with cherry cabinets and did the desk in a cream color cabinet. I will say that I can see smudge prints, etc. on the cream cabinets that I don't see on the Cherry.

We are moving to a new house and will be remodeling the kitchen. I love the look of white/cream cabinets, but not sure about the maintenance of keeping them clean. If you have white cabinets would you do it again?

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I would do it again. I don't mind surfaces that show dirt and smudges but I like to keep them clean and I can see where the dirt is. Don't get me started on my dark counters that hide so much that I have to find missed drips by my sense of touch.

I think the only thing I mind about white cabinets is a bit of paranoia that they will chip and scratch and look dreadful. I used to have a load of paranoia, but, now that I've had white cabs for a year and they still look in mint condition, my anxiety has subsided substantially.

Another thing...I love the look of white cabs. But I'm pretty sure that if I ever get to redo my kitchen I will do all in my power and budget to get quarter-sawn oak.

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I think a certain amount of the decision has to do with what the house looks like.

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The point, for me, with white is that you see the blobs and wipe them off, before they've had a chance to harden and set like cement until you decide to do a spring clean of your cabinet doors. . . .

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We had dark cherry before, and not until I was thinking of selling them on craigslist and took pictures of them did I realize how completely scuzzy they were. Not fingerprints, not blobs of tomato sauce, just years and years of opening and shutting them with soapy/greasy/icky hands, then the grease left over from the recirculating fan, then more layers, etc. I WISH we had done a spring clean of the cabinet doors that sara_the_brit_etc. refers to. There's no way we would have allowed white cabinets to get anywhere near that stage.

That said, we got natural cherry and I just am diligent about cleaning especially around the handles, because of the gross factor from the previous kitchen.


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We have 6 children, 4 still at home and we put in white cabinets. I would do it again, especially since we need a brighter space. Besides, they are not common where I live!

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I used to have white cabinets and I loved them. I now have light maple cabinets and I love those also but if I remodeled from scratch I would have no problem doing white again. They were beautiful.

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