The Swing - Moving Parts Greeting Card

Red_ConfettiJune 18, 2004

I made this card for my Mom. She has Alzheimer's Disease so I try to make cards for her that "do" something.

I found a picture of a little girl swinging, and printed the picture along with a mirror image (to be used inside the card) on cardstock. I found a suitable poem ("The Swing" by Robert Louis Stevenson) and printed it along with a 'background' image on a separate piece of cardstock.

I carefully cut out both images of the little girl on the swingseat, and cut out around the tree. I lightly traced where the tree would be on the front of the card, and then cut out just inside the tracing. I cut out the mirror image tree print also, making that one shorter to accomodate the printing inside the card.

I used crewel yarn for the swing ropes, and carefully glued the two girl images together, then glued the tree images to the front and inside of the card. I used a large needle to help hang the swing.

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What a cute idea! I love it! And the poem is a perfect fit too.

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I have never seen one like it. It is fantastic!! And lots of hugs for MOM too!!

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I love it - and you even hooked her hands around the "rope" just like she would be holding it - Great job! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, MaryAnn, Minnie, and Lorraine. Although Mom hasn't recognized any relatives in years, she is still able to read. I don't know how much she understands of what she reads, but at least she still can read. Alzheimer's is such a mysterious (and devastating) disease.

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I love your card!

Have you tried making a card with a shaker box in it? If she likes moving things she would find that interesting too.

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Another great card! I'm sure your mom will enjoy it and I think it could be a cute birthday card.

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Red your card is just beautiful. You do amazing work. I love it.

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