Eggshell or Satin??

aunteemomFebruary 12, 2011

I am painting bathrooms and kitchen. I am not sure what the difference is between eggshell and satin. Which do you use for kitchen and bath walls? Which do you use for ceiling of kitchen and bath, or do you use flat?

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Sheens and sheen names vary across brands, but in brands that have both eggshell & satin, satin is shinier. Since kitchens and baths have high humidity and will likely need scrubbed more often, they need the durability of a higher sheen. Satin is a good bet for each. With a really high quality paint (and good ventilation), you can go less shiny. My parents just used Benjamin Moore Regal in eggshell in their kitchen, and I *think* Faron said he used C2 paint in matte in one bathroom. Do you have a smooth ceiling? People usually choose as flat a paint as possible on ceilings to hide flaws, but if yours is quite smooth, painting with satin or eggshell will make cleaning possible.

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Happy Saturday to you all!

Yep...Satin is the "Best" choice, but Eggshell isn't "wrong".
The surface-film of a Satin (or S/G) is a little smoother/tighter. Therefore these sheens are better for wetter areas.

B4 you do anything tho'...
* Wash all walls to be painted. My fave is POWDERED Dirtex. Usually doesn't have to be rinsed.
(Jessica- the ACE sku is #10271, if you don't have it already...!)
* Most TSP's are great cleaners too, but need 2 or 3 rinse-passes.
* Do any repairs, sanding, re-texturing. And, in a perfect world, prime after all repairs are dried.
* Then, at last, your 2 finish coats.

In my downstairs bath, it was FPE Eurolux Matte that I used. It's a shiny "Matte" though! More like an average Eggshell. $45/Qt.
Our entry/foyer was C2 Matte "Stellar".

Ceilings? Personal preference!

My lower bath products used...


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Thread hijack:
Faron - We carry a liquid no-rinse TSP, but not the Dirtex powder. Has it been a good seller in Fargo? Our warehouse merc. vel. code was D (of course, personal experience seems to help sell better than anything, so I could always order some in for myself & see how it goes).

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