Dimensional Kite Card

Red_ConfettiJune 24, 2004

Another card for my Mom. I made the kite form, printed it on cardstock, then cut it out. On a separate piece of light blue cardstock I printed the poem inside, along with the silhouette of boy and dog. (I put the poem's title and author on back of card.)

I added a tail with stars and the control string (crewel yarn) to the kite. Using a darning needle, I ran more control line from upper left inside of card down to boy's left hand, then to back of card and out through his right hand.

I glued quilt batting to front and inside to form clouds, placing them to cover the end points of the kite string, then glued down the kite itself.

The grass is just another piece of cardstock, clipped to look like grass.

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These are fantastic. I wish you'd submit them to some card contest or something!!

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Another great card! I wonder if you could (or even would want to) submit the designs to the various papercraft or crafting magazines? Might be a thought!

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