Should we paint new garage door?

jerzeegirlFebruary 8, 2008

Last year we had a new garage door installed. It is a metal door with a faux wood grain look and has a white factory finish on it.

We are getting our house painted and our painter wants to paint the garage door. He says it will look nicer if it is painted.

We originally had no intention of painting the garage door but now are wondering if the painter is right. (The price of the job is the same whether the door gets painted or not). What do you guys think?

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I have the same type of doors and have a brick front . I painted them the same color as the shutters. I love this look, it's so much nicer than the white. If you just have siding or a painted house, I would go with the color of the siding or house.

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I should have mentioned that the door would be painted the same color as the trim - which is white. So basically the color won't change. It's white now and will be white if it gets painted.

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check your warranty - painting it may affect it. also, i was told by my door installers not to paint my new steel door if i could avoid it since you then have more upkeep.


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We too are considering painting our (white) rollup garage doors. They are an insulated metal/ vinyl construstion. Our house trim is a medium grey, so we are thinking about a lighter shade of grey for the doors. We have seen this treatment applied to other homes in our area (California high desert- SS zone 11) and it can look quite attractive when the colors are chosen tastefully.

We have not done it yet because of concerns with longer-term appearance of the paint. Our doors get hot to the touch in the summer and judging by the house paint durability, we expect that the usual latex outdoor paint will not be up to the task. Small patches of peeling trim on the house are not usually noticeable; on a garage door with white undercoat those peeling/chipped areas will stand out sharply. I still need to paint the trim every three years- regardless of the paint manufacturer's stated warranty. I don't relish doing the garage doors too. I have not found a paint (in the shade we are looking for) that is specifically designed for this application. If we lived in a milder climate, I would have already done it.

Just my $.02 worth. - Paul


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Those doors will hold up fine if painted as long as the door is clean and dry when you paint it and you use a high quality 100 percent exterior acrylic paint in a satin sheen or better. I don't know why or how it can look better if painted though, unless it's the wrong shade of white and you want it to match the white trim perfectly. The door is factory finished and looks great the way it is so there is no reason to paint it unless you want a color change.

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