Card Making, and read all of your posts

mzmintJune 25, 2006

Hi, Ok so it is a slow day but I read all of the past posts this afternoon since I am learning to do stamping, especially and creating greeting cards, so read the hints and printed many of them. Too bad there is not more up-to-date posts on this but I will look around in here. PW

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I agree with you. There's a lot of good stuff here but people need to post a bit more regularly with their ideas.

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Maybe we can start a project of the week or month thing. Pick a subject and make a card and post a photo of it.

I need to have some reason to make a card nowadays!!

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minnie - that sounds like a fun idea. i'm like you - i need a push, too.

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Okay, it isn't exactly a card, but my sister just made a very cool wall tile by combining card making techniques with a bunch of mod podge.

For all of the work that goes in to making a card, I like the idea of it being something you can display rather than just save in a drawer.

I don't know how to post photos to this site yet, but she posted a pic on our blog (see link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Emily's Wall Tile

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I like the idea of a project to work on and share. I suppose several would have to commit to trying it since just like me not too many post and I also have not looked for quite a while.

I just finished 100 pumpkin cards. I am a Realtor and I am sending these with a Happy Fall Y'all message (inside)to my customers. Just a pumpkin stamp on front, simply a quick coloring in orange and browns and the glue-ie sparkle a bit at top and edges of the pumpkin. then a leaf stamp inside which is also colored and sparkled. they are cute. Now on to Christmas ones. Looking for ideas.

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Those pumpkin cards sound really cute mz.

I don't have any brilliant ideas for Christmas yet, but if anyone else is still working on autumn, I found a cuteidea for a paper pieced pumpkin in a card making magazine last year.

The magazine name escapes me, but it is basically just three orange ovals (with little dents at the top and bottom) stacked with foam dots or something to add dimension. Add a stem and a few green paper curls for vines.

I just used cardstock (because I am cheap about supplies) but it would be really cute with a patterned paper or some inking on the edges.

I used it in my dog's puppy scrapbook rather than as a card. (Ignore the amateur scrapping and photography - it was one of my first layouts) There is a picture in my scrapjazz gallery if it helps with the visual.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maddie's First Halloween

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