Wipe-on Poly over Painted Trim to make it more durable?

imjayhawkFebruary 13, 2013

Hi all - I have been meticulously painting the trims of my house white. I have followed what I think is all the necessary prep-work as suggested in the forums here

1. Lightly sand and scuff the current Polyurethene finish (or Varnish) ... In cases where there were dings, sand it down to the wood

2. Coat or two of Zinsser Cover Stain (oil based)

3. Coat or two of Semi-gloss paint (Latex)

The problem is the edge of the door trims. I was moving a desk yesterday, and a light graze from it - the paint came of the edge showing the wood underneath. So I'm wondering if wipe-on Poly over the edges of the trim will help. I have seen online where some people have put Wipe-on poly over painted furniture to make it more durable. I wasn't planning on applying the poly all over the trim, but just the door frame edges. Is this ok or any other tip to make it stronger/harder againts dings. Thank you!

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No, No, & No again!!!

It'll have a slightly different look at those points if you do.
Touching THAT up again will be problematic.
If you absolutely HAVE to, use water-based poly ONLY.

>>> TWO coats of S/G. Don't even consider only 1.


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Ok thanks I'll forget about that...

Your solution of two coats of S/G - what does S/G stand for?

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S/G = "Semi-Gloss".

In the paint world, I slip into abbreviation-land too much!


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What brand/type paint did you use? That makes a difference.
Agree with Faron - two coats.
How long has it been since you painted? If just a few days, it will harden.

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Used Behr regular .... Used the Oil-based cover stain for primer as I thought that was the key. Did the primer fail in my case?

The paint that chipped off has been on for almost 3 months now ..

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