I need ideas!

bichoncocoJune 4, 2008

I was assigned to teach scrapbooking for my daughters Girl Scout troop. I bought $70 of Girl Scout card stock and cut out all the paper needed for them to create these neat little folded albums, tied with ribbon. Well, another mom who was assigned "craft" swoops in a buys the ready-made Girl Scout scrapbooking kit, which is almost like mine, and has them assemble those!!!! My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw them doing that.

I'm still having them make the album as I spent hours cutting, scoring, etc. But now that I have 100 pieces of Girl Scout card stock left over I was looking for something they could do in addition. Yes, I thought of cards. I was thinking maybe a frame....any ideas?

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Check out www.thepapermodelguy.com. In the links, go to the Canon Printer site. Lots of craft ideas you can use card stock on.

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