looking for ideas for birth announcements

nanieflowerJune 9, 2003

I am looking for any ideas for unique birth announcements. Our first child is due next Monday and I haven't come up with an idea for birth announcements. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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When I was just "Gram of one" I took my grandson's sonogram & scanned it for the front of his announcements, came out cute! I wish you a swift labor! LOL

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I'm stumped for ideas but I wanted to congratulate you! Please let us know how everything turns out! Hugs, Taunia.

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everything went great. Was induced on Wed. afternoon, didn't have baby til 1:07 On Saturday morning. Rhiannon weighed just under 6 pounds and is doing great.

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Congrats! I just did announcements for a friend; I spelled the baby's name out in tiny alphabet beads, adorable. Only problem, you might run out of "n"s. LOL Enjoy your blessing!

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