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Gramof3May 14, 2003

Karen, if you are out there lurking, please consider re-entering the forum. I miss you terribly & I'm sure I'm not alone. Your advice & help is much appreciated! I know that you left during Lent, but I'm back to eating fish on Fridays & looking forward to hearing from you! :)

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Me, too!!
Wondering what creative things you've been up to Karen (and everybody else, too)!
Are you busy with email groups, swaps, zines, what? Did you make it to Artiology?

BTW, I sent you an email, Karen, and wonder if it got there...?

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Hi Gram & Lia & everyone else...I'm here!
My creative muse has been in a huge slump lately. Been very busy doing some local volunteer stuff (prepping donations for Iraq). Did a series of major landscaping projects and built a retaining wall behind tour house. Then spent a weekend in NYC for our anniversary. Now getting ready for Artiology this weekend, trying to finish 100 swaps & pack my supplies & clothes.
Next week off to Canada for a houseboat trip on Lake Ontario & Rideaux Canal.
Lia, I got your email and sent you a reply...about the AA was it?

(((big hugs)))

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Happy anniversary, Karen!
I didn't get your email, but the AA concert was smashing. Got to meet the band with DS.

Be sure to give us a report on the Artiology weekend. Should revive the muse, huh?

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The muse was revived, but my body is dead tired!!!!!
This year I took classes that did not really result in finished projects, so I have 4 half-finished ones and one book that is about 80% finished. Took 2 book-making classes, 2 beading (bead embroidery & peyote), and a silver wire-working class. All the teachers were great, especially Keely Barham.
I got so many cool swaps this year! One girl made dice bracelets & earrings with cool playing card dice. Also got some cool stamped dominos, a playing card doll, mini books, paper beads, puzzle piece jewelry, and tag art. My favorite clever idea was a stamped bamboo swap that was the size of a domino. It was a "tile" from a bamboo tile placemat that you can get at a Pier One-type home store. Anthropologie? Artifact? I can't remember. But anyway it is already pre-drilled with 2 holes when you take the placemat apart....a beautiful shape perfect for stamping on!
The organizers were so generous with our registration goodie bags. We got a wooden game, a tote bag with a pocket made with custom artiology patterned fabric, a playing card box necklace with fancy cards representing each class we took, and a bag of assorted game pieces and ephemera as well as some nice supply catalogs & raffle tickets for awesome prize baskets.
I will be scanning & posting projects as soon as they are finished, which won't be this week since we are leaving for Canada.

(Glad you had such a great time at AA & got to meet them. Now every time I hear "Pierced" I think of you!)


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For anyone that thinks way in advance: The Great American Stamp convention is in Hauppague, Long Island this year on 1 Nov 03. I'd love the chance to meet some of you. I'll send more info next week, as I get it. It was a great show last year & promises to be even better this year. (and only 45 min. away from NYC for anyone interested) Karen, so glad to hear from you & that all is well. Sounds like you're back to your "artsy" helpful self!

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Yeah........but Karen.......what have you been doing in your spare time. I think you need some more projects.

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