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Jules_UKMay 10, 2007

Does anyone have the code for making silver font in Word? I know that for gold it is Red 208, Green 168 and Blue 0.

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I'm not sure what you mean, since I use HTML code and editors for desktop publishing, but I found an answer.

To me, silver is gray so starting with white the code is 253 equally for red, green, blue. Then depending on how dark you want the gray (silver) the #'s are (from light to dark) 243, 234, 224, 215, 205, 196, same for each red, green, blue.

I opened a blank word document, typed a couple words, opened the font colors window, clicked on the more colors button to get the RGB codes for the color I wanted.

Hope this helps.

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I found this site with hundreds of red, green, blue combos for colors. It looks like silver is 192, 192, 192.

Here is a link that might be useful: RGB font chart

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