BM Paint Selection for Wood Trim

mdriveFebruary 10, 2012

I'm hoping to get some guidance on the best type of BM paint to use for wood molding....We tried Regal Classic Semi-Gloss and found it completely unusable (surface trying far too quickly to lay on properly, and had some color blocking on doors and frame)

I'm considering using their Advance 100% Alkyd Paint (we are painting a new beadboard/stair skirting remodel) and would love to get some feedback from anyone who has used this...

the Regal Classic isn't sandable so it will be a job trying fix the blocking areas..

Also, would it be possible to paint over the Classic with the Advance Alkyd (should that be the best choice)

Any other suggestion would be highly appreciated!


Here is a link that might be useful: BM Advance Alkyd Paint

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Satin Impervo

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hi chris....any particular reason why you prefer satin impervo? being acrylic, it appears not to be sandable....not that i want to be sanding, but should there be an issue like a gouge or chip repair, a light sanding seems to be important...

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Why do you think it isn't sandable? It's not Regal Semi Gloss. That is a crappy product.

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hi paintguy....because i didn't see 'sandable' on the company website list of characteristics....

ditto on regal semi gloss....really terrible paint

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It's not BM, but you might want to try Pittsburgh's Manor Hall ( It's acrylic, very sandable, and low-blocking. I've used it on shelves, doors, and door frames without the problems you've described. It's not as hard as oil, but the doors don't stick to the door frames, and I was able (though they don't recommend it) to start putting things on painted shelves 36 hours after painting. Except for a wire rack with 1/4" metal feet, none of the items I put on the shelves left marks, and in no case did paint pull away or stick to the objects. This was the semi-gloss in white. It's worth a look (try a quart) if there's a PPG store nearby. It runs about $50 a gallon. It doesn't have a long open time, but I don't think very many acrylics do.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Satin Inpervo OIL

also the waterborne is sandable as is any other paint that I have ever seen

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Yea, really just because a paint doesn't say it is 'sandable' doesn't mean you can't sand it. Sometimes when a paint is not dry enough (cured) sanding may be difficult because the sandpaper or sanding blocks may gum up or drag, but we still sand it anyway.

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well after a year of 'curing' one would think sanding is ok...but i the case of 'regal' paint, nope ....

so i guess i'm not willing to take a chance with paint that isn't rated 'sandable' according to the website specs....

bottom line, if it doesn't specifically SAY sandable, i'm assuming it isn't

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A lot of the cheaper latex semigloss paints will just not sand and feather out properly; the paint balls up and tears rather than cuts nicely. Using a better quality of sandpaper will help. The kind with a coating to prevent clogging is what to look for, as these abrasives are specifically for paint prep. Just don't use the plain dirt-colored aluminum oxide.

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thanks casey....i'll check into those

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I've recently used the BM Advanced on a door, mirror frame, and moulding in a bathroom. Once I got the hang of working with the paint, thanks to folks on this forum, the Advanced really looks great. The finish looks and feels like oil paint. I've only recently painted using the Advance so i can't speak to the longevity of the paint, but, I'm highly encouraged; it really looks great. I haven't used Impervo so I can't provide a comparison for you. I only wanted to mention that if you decide to go with Advance I think you'll be happy with the results.

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Satin Impervo acrylic certainly IS sandable. I sanded between coats of my mantel project. My friend looking at the mantel when I had finished it said something like, "It doesn't look painted, it looks like it came that way."

The SI seems pretty durable, and I wouldn't hesitate to wash it and clean with Mr Clean Magic Eraser, but it's not very shiny when cured. I wouldn't call it "satin," personally.

But I too am considering Advance for my baseboards and trim. Baseboards take a beating and in my house need frequent cleaning. In my comparisons and experience so far, no acrylic holds a candle to the durable scrubbability of alkyd paint.

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I used satin impervo on my trim, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and wainscoting. As to scrubable, I've had no problem keeping offwhite cabinets clean for the last year, no wear marks or things like that.

I also bought a gallon of the Advanced because I wanted to do something in a dark color and Impervo could not be tinted that dark.

The Advanced dried faster and I had to work fast not to get brush marks, compared to the Satin Imprevo. Not bad, just different. You just have to know it's going to do this and plan your work accordingly. I did the bookshelf in stages and letting it dry instead of trying to do it all at once where I'd have to be blending into half dry paint.

I only used the Advanced to paint one book shelf and then decided I didn't want to change to a brown after all. I Had the gallon retinted to a near black that I plan on using on my dining room table and chairs.

BTW - I have always sanded between layers of paint with the Satin Impervo waterborne. It made a big difference, but I was painting unfinished Oak. But I sand between layers on all painted cabinetry/furniture. I've done it with walls too - DH say's I'm anal about paint. . .

I recently bought a gallon of alkyd enamel from SW for my entry. Now that was some very nice paint to work with! Drys with a non-shiny but rich finish (not they typical "flat" look). I put chocolate brown over a mustard yellow, and it covered easily. Did it all with a paintbrush too.

I put a one part epoxy paint on my ceiling and really liked that, but I wanted a dark brown for the entryway and the salesman recommended I go with the alkyd as the epoxy did not come in a dark base. About flipped when I saw the price, but he gave me a good deal on it. Going forward, if I had a place where I wanted a durable paint, I'd pay the $90 a gallon for that.

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