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LinelleApril 15, 2006

I'm making place cards and programs for my daughter's wedding. Both involve a some gluing of various sizes of paper squares onto cardstock. The salesperson at Michaels recommended UHU glue stick. I've done a prototype and found the glue stick to be a little awkward to use. It was recommended I not use any adhesive spray.

Are glue sticks the right way to go? Any secret techniques? Any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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I think adhesive squares are easier to use and less messy than glue sticks although I don't think glue sticks are bad. Whatever you are most comfortable with.

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I agree... sometimes a glue stick just does not have enough finesse for the project. And the cheap ones get "gummy" and are useless!

See link below for various types of adhesives... I have not bought from that site... just using it to show you the various glues/adhesives available. Note that there are 3 pages to look at!

You will find most of these at any large craft store, and especially at scrapbooking stores.

Take a look at the glue dots (available in various sizes) as well as the "tape runners." And then there is glue that does NOT wrinkle paper in bottles with very small tips - easy to apply just where you want it.

You might want to buy a small package of several types of adhesive and give them a try on scraps so your wedding projects will be just as you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adhesives

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I think it sounds like a job for glue tape or adhesive transfer tape.

Here is a link that might be useful: one kind. . .

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Wow, jasper, I haven't seen that in the stores yet. Thanks for the heads up!!

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