I lost my 2 grandaughters today.

taunia1April 17, 2003

I am going to make some sort of shrine; my grandaughters were adopted out to a family & I will never see them again. I couldn't afford to take them & it rips my heart out. It's too long to explain, & this isn't really the place to do it. I want to make some kind of memory album for these precious ones when I feel like crafting again. Right now, I just need prayers. I'm so numb. If anyone has had experience in making a rememberance shrine, let me know. Thanks to all my friends on this board. Please pray, pray, pray.

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oh, dear Taunia! Don't say you'll never see them again! You may yet! I think the memory album/shrine idea is a good one. Do you have photos of them? Any little things that belonged to them, their clothes or such? How about little trinkets that can symbolize things about them or how you feel about them? I know you will make something wonderful, and someday they might see it!
((((hugs and prayers!))))

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Had another thought... you might want to incorporate something that shows your hopes and dreams for them.
And something that shows they are a part of you...

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Taunia, I am so sorry. How about a shadow box for what pictures and thoughts you have and any little momentos that will fit.

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Taunia, if it helps, tell us a little more about them and the fun you had with them. We'd like to see a photo or two and it might help you by sharing this with us. I'm sure the love you gave them will be with them for ever. lots of hugs!!!!

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I'm so sorry.

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My prayers are with you. Mary Ann

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Hi Taunia, I can relate with your heartbreak after being there myself. I found comfort and the ability to express my emotions by creating miniatures of all the past events and family history that were noteworthy or memorable.

The process found me journaling my thoughts as a short explanation for the various symbolic "treasures." The accumulation eventually found their way to a miniature Christmas tree of "the family" and an ongoing wreath that displays the symbols of current events and feelings. It was very therapeutic and brought me a great deal of serenity when coping seemed an impossibility.

I pray you too find a way to "feel the feelings" as a way of climbing life's mountains to reach peace.

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