Need Directions for Folded Napkin Nut Cups

bonnie_nmiApril 29, 2007

I recently moved and am having trouble finding a lot of my favorite craft patterns. One in particular, a cute nut cup made from folding a standard square napkin, seems to have disappeared! I am hosting a wedding shower soon and would like to make these cups. I can't find the directions in a Google search and am wondering if anyone here knows how to make them.


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Try looking under the gal who did so much on tv and made viedos--cannot think of her name and I have given much of the stuff away. She used to be on HGTV, and had special guests and is retired now. If I think of it, will get back to you.

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I'm not sure this is what you're looking for exactly, but it looks like it will work (second project down the page, after the napkin rose):

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Mariend: Are you referring to Carol Duvall, Queen of Crafts, who was on HGTV for years and is now appearing on DIY?

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