Question: Door Hanger/Bottle Liner Packaging

bonnie_nmiApril 29, 2007

Hi -

I'm usually at the winter sowing and quilt forums, but I have been searching my files unsuccessfully all afternoon for a packaging sample I saved from an old gift. I want to package some dry mixes - cookies, breads, etc. - for shower prizes. Some will fit best in canning jars, but some of the smaller ones will look better in plastic bags. Several years ago, I received a similiar gift packed in a baby bottle liner or tall candy bag. The bag was topped with a stamped door hanger which was folded and stapled. I think the hole in the hanger was positioned like a window for the mix to show through, but I'm not sure. I just remember being impressed by the overall presentation. I know it sounds simple enough to figure out myself, but I'm just not getting a good mental picture of the finished product. Has anyone done or seen this particular packaging? Am I in the right forum for this question?

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Did you try the crafting forum? Are you using the pre-mixes or making your own. There are alot of books avaiable for making your own, but if you are making a door hanger, try looking in the scrapbooking area. Or just post on the Kitchen Table. There are alot of really talented people there, but tell them you have already tried other forums.

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