can I thin primer?

choochnbobFebruary 22, 2009

I am using INSL-X Low Odor oil based primer. I am finding it very hard to apply evenly and it seems to dry almost instantly, leaving a poor finish. It wasn't bad on the small doors but it is very difficult on the large peninsula and the large piece of wood that goes along the entire side of the fridge. Can I add some mineral spirits to thin it? I was told that it will fill in the grain of my oak well but I'm finding that I'll need 2 coats.

I'll be applying Cabinet Coat for a topcoat. I know CC says it can be used as a primer but my cabs are pretty poor condition so I'm thinking another coat of INSL-X primer and round of sanding is necessary. I just dread reapplying that same INSL-X primer again.

If there's a better primer to use for filling grain instead of thinning the INSL-X then I would love recommendations of a good primer.


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If I were you I would call the place you purchased it and ask them to be on the safe side. I would not want you to comprimise your paint without talking to the 'professionals'.

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Good idea, thanks H.C. They said the spec sheet says not to reduce it. Arghh.
I'm going to buy Zinnser bullseye.

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Sometimes adding a splash of thinner will make the paint easier to work with. You can also use Penetrol.

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