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DolceMiaApril 14, 2003

I'm new to these boards and was hoping someone here could help me. I need to make an invitation for our family reunion. I am drawing a complete blank on where to start. I have several art programs, but unless I have a sample to use as a guide, I'm clueless. I need to have these ready soon so lil sis can have them copied. Any help is appreciated.


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Welcome. Do you have any pictures of another one of your family reunions; no matter how old it is? If you do, copy them in black & white & put it on the front using white card stock. You could even use mounting corners for a real "photo" look. I'll put my thinking cap on. I love the challenge, as many of us do, here on this forum.

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Sorry I can't help, but wanted to say WELCOME and hope you'll come back and show us what you came up with!!

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Welcome Melody. Do you have any baby pictures of family members? YOu could collage them on the front of the invitation with the promise of identifying them at the reunion.
I don't want to chase you away from our forum but there is a computer craft forum here too and they might have some great ideas. Go up to Other Forums and then click on that one.
Keep in touch and let us know what you come up with.

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