Greeting Card Boxes

lorraine303April 24, 2003

I put pictures in the gallery of greeting card boxes that I made for Easter this year using instructions from Carol Duvall's episode CDS 1358. They were fun to make and not too time-consuming. I needle-tatted the flowers for the inside (from another episode) and used stickers for the lettering. I used paint chip samples from HD for the tags. The only thing that I was dissappointed with was the MIL and SIL's reactions. I love doing these things with paper, I just wish I had someone to give them to who would appreciate them!

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Those are so sweet. I think it was today that a viewer on CD wrote that her Grandfather (I think it was) makes those little boxes and leaves them on the table for servers with his tip inside.
How big are your boxes?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Well those are just darling. I am fortunate that my friends all appreciate my "efforts". It is disheartening when some don't know all the love and effort that goes into a little project, but don't give up, just find other recipients for your great "gifts" who will appreciate them.

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Glad you liked them. Minnie, they are about 2 1/2 inches tall (not including the beads for feet) and just about 4" square. I think those other ones are a little smaller so you could carry them in a pocket easier - I think I'll try those too. Thanks for the idea!

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You can give one to me, Lorraine; I would appreciate it! *big grin*
I appreciate the work and love that go into them, and I think they are just too cute!! Love the little tootsies on 'em! :-)

If I weren't so darned swap impaired I'd suggest we do a trade. The purse swap we did in the past was so fun!

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You did a fab job on them!! I'm with Lia; I'll take one! Don't let that stop you, you're good.

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