Top Coat for cabinets after being painted?

xstyleFebruary 10, 2011

I recently finished painting my kitchen cabinets. I used an oil based primer and Benjamin Moore's Aura waterbased paint (satin). I love the look of them but find the paint very soft. The paint easily scratches off. If I open a door and my nail scratches the paint it easily comes off leaving a mark. It's a dark paint so these marks are very noticable (goes right to the wood).

Should I put some sort of top coat that can harden the paint?

From the research I did before hand it seemed using BM Aura I wouldn't have too.

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How long has the Aura cured? When it scratches off, does it go down to the original color or to the primer? If the former, then your primer is failing (or hasn't fully cured), if the latter, then the Aura didn't adhere which is indeed strange. Either way, applying a clear may make the surface a bit tougher but it won't make the underlying coats adhere any better - especially when it comes to fingernails.

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Its been 4 days since I've put the last coat of Aura on. I let the primer dry for 24hrs before applying the first coat of paint.

i'll have to take a closer look to see if it went down to the wood or just the primer.

What kind of clear coat would you suggest over waterbased pint?

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As PG1 angled towards...

Your paint is NOWHERE NEAR cured/fully bonded to the primer.

Since your Aura has a high colorant-load (meaning-your dark color...), it will be some time b4 it's considered cured.
I'm talking literally a MONTH.

>>> IT CAN LITERALLY take that long for dark colors to "harden-off"/cure-out.
>>> Whites/light colors cure a little faster, but not by that much.

Stop scratching at your paint!
....and don't even consider putting on another topcoat.
It's not necessary.
Even if you did...wait at least a MONTH.
If you put on a clear-coat now, b4 your dark color has cured, you're asking for more trouble.


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Thats great news. I really love the look of them and didnt want to put another coat on incase it messed up the colour.

I'll be more careful! lol

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