Transparencies what to do?

lynnsgApril 17, 2003

The office in which I work is closing, but before we are kicked out on our butts, we can take any office supplies we have use for. Well, there is a box of transparencies that I know will get thrown away if I don't take them, but I'm not sure what I can use them for. Can anyone give me any suggestions. Thanks!

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Grab them and worry about it later!!
I got all sorts of stuff almost 20 years ago when an office closed. I have some red ones that I use for windows on cards. I would think someone has some good ideas for you.

This is a great chance to get a lot of good stuff. Don't forget the heavy duty staplers too haha.

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You can stamp on them if you use a permanent ink like Brilliance, Staz-On, or some others I can't think of right now.
Look through the posts here in this forum. I posted something about the "caught-in-crystal"
technique where you apply tissue paper and inks and glitter with Future floor finish. You can use that for a luminary or just a card or wall art.
You can also use the transparencies for making stencils if they're not too thick.
Oh, and you can always sell some on eBay! :-)

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I use transparencies to make ornaments. I made a template of circles, then I print photos or graphics/words, etc. to fit inside the circle. Cut them out, roll up and slip into a clear ornament & they open. I tie them with clear fishing line so they "float" inside the ball. I've made baptism ones for the babies at church, for confirmation, etc. along with Christmas, etc.

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I was just looking at a site someone posted a while back and there are a couple of neat things with Acetate and maybe
Bring up the site and then look at the TOM (Technique of the month)

Here is a link that might be useful: Stamping Forum

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