Shirt Card

minnie_txApril 3, 2006

Red, here is that card I mentioned. (I finally found something I was looking for)

The shirt part was made on folded card stock and then cut and glued to a single card.

I think you see how the collar was cut and folded back. I see on the back I did this one in 2000.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Great, Minnie! Thanks for locating the card and then taking the time to photograph it and post it here. Your tie looks a bit like a baseball bat - cute as can be for a fella who is a baseball fan! (Are those baseballs I see faintly over the shoulders??)

It's always a treat to find cards that are more masculine... seems like ever-so-many cards are too froofroo to send to men. And they have just as many birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and are just as loved as women.

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Yes. it's bats amd balls. I did it in class back then so it must have been a Stampin'Up set of my teachers. I think you could probably get a sticker with a tie or bat on it.

I thought the shirt was a lot easier to make this way but I think we did one of yours too.

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