Paint software program?

Maine_MareFebruary 26, 2012

I'm renovating my kitchen and will be painting the wide pine floor. Initially I was going to do a solid color but now I'm debating on doing a pattern of sorts, probably checkerboard.

Does software or a website exist where I can mock up my kitchen to get an idea of how a certain pattern/color will look before making my final decision?


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Yes, you just have to hunt for it. I've linked to a couple where you can use your own photo. (Were it me I'd select a checkerboard floor pattern, whether linoleum or tile, and use that to see how you like it.) I've used this kind of software eons ago, the best thing you can do is start with a good photo of your kitchen. Straight on view (not from a side angle). No tilt to your pic, plenty of natural light, bright and crisp. Otherwise you'll get a funky end result. Oh, and check with major flooring manufacturers (Shaw, Mannington, etc.). Pretty sure the one I used is a freebie Mannington lets you download to your PC. You might not be using virtual paint, but I'd bet you can get a pretty close idea of what works & doesn't by using their floor colors and pattens in your room.


Oh, here you go, this person posted an entire list:

The other option is use a photo edit program, and Copy/Paste other floors you like into your room. Start with your own good photo. Then via Google images search for a floor ("black and white checkerboard floor"). Once you find an image of the floor style you're going for save it to your PC. Have both your own pic & sample pic open in your photo editor. (You might have to resize one or the other, both photos should be the same size so the floor pattern isn't too tiny or too huge in your photo.) Then in your room photo, use the Select tool and outline your floor area. Jump over to the sample floor picture that you like and select a comparable size area. Then Copy the sample flooring section, go to your photo and 'choose Paste into selection'. Your editor might have a different command, but you want to paste to selection (your outlined floor) otherwise it will paste over the entire photo or go haywire somehow. ;) Every photo edit is similar but different, so the commands are there, it's just a matter of finding them. Hope that makes sense!

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Thank you! These are some great suggestions and they will be very helpful.

(off to spend hours pouring over color options)

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