Hi from on the road...

katlanFebruary 8, 2013

We are on our maiden voyage in our Rialta RV. Left PA last Sat. and drove to Md. Stayed over at my sisters, went into Balt. to have lunch with our daughter then headed "south". Spent 2 nights in VA (that state takes forever to get through, haha) 2 nights in North Carolina, one night in South Carolina and arrived at my brothers house in GA this afternoon.

I have so much catching up to do on here coz I just couldn't seem to get connected to wifi anywhere, even when it was advertised for free. Soooooo, I will definitely be getting a smart phone or a tablet with internet on it before our next trip.

Definitely a learning experience for what to pack and not to pack. What we REALLY need and REALLY don't need, but so far so good.

Just wanted to check in. The major snow storm hitting the northeast was a major rain event in South Carolina yesterday, we drove all day in it.

Hope everyone getting snow is safe and warm.

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Keep on having a good trip.

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Definitely not fun driving in a rain storm but I'd take it over a blizzard any day. That's a lot of driving you've done. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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What fun, a road trip! And playing catchup with family!

Ga should be a lot better than NC but rain is coming.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

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Do you have an itinerary? We can 'travel' with you!

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Glad you are having fun. Where is your final destination? We are heading out on March 15 headed to Florida and then up to New England going to take our time seeing the sights.

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I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!

Nita, are you coming in to Panama City during this trip? If so, let me know - we can get together!!!

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think i could stand some rain instead of snow, lol...even my cat is getting cabin fever!

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