Ideas for graduation cards?

lynne_melbMarch 10, 2006

Hi, Does anyone have any ideas for graduation cards? My niece is graduating high school next month and I'm stumped.

I have one stamp that's about 3" by 4" that has words and phrases such as "Cherish all living things", "Love" etc, but I'm not coming up with any ideas. Thanks Lynne

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the different craft stores and walmart have some packages of different trims for different occasions. I saw a little package that had a gown, diploma, the mortar board hat and some other things that you peel and stick to a card. That would be cute on the front of the card.

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A little more background would help us give you more ideas, Lynne. What are your favorite methods of making cards... using die-cuts, paperfolding, pop-ups, embellishments, ribbons, painting, stamping, embossing, beads, ???

Will the card be hand-delivered or will it go through the US mail? Some of the suggestions below would have to be hand-delivered (or mailed in a box) because of the thickness (and fragility) of the embellishments.

Minnie has given you a good idea to avoid going to the craft store and investing in a whole different bunch of supplies (LOL!! - not that you don't want to do that, but sometimes it is far less expensive to just [heaven forbid!!] buy a card than to get all the supplies to make one!).

Are you giving her just a card, or a card with money or a check in it?

A cute way to give $$ is to make a pop-up card with a hand that holds the $$ and "pops" up and out when the card is opened.

Another way to give money is to make a diploma using a cardboard tube (from aluminum foil, saran wrap, etc.) covering it with parchment or other paper that has been aged with tea. Tie a red (or HS color) ribbon around the tube, seal with a gold sticker or sealing wax. Put the check or $$ inside the tube. Write a message of congratulations on the paper before sealing it!

A third way to give money is to make a purse from cardstock. (If this idea appeals to you, email me and I can send you instructions.)

A three-deep graduated petals card can be used as a holder for money, too, or just as a card with lots of messages of congratulations.

Playing on Minnie suggestion of graduate stickers, use your niece's HS colors as the backgrounds, and for dimension add a bit of gold thread made into a tassel to the mortarboard. And maybe a black "button eyelet" to hold the tassel in place.

Is she going on to college and do you know which one? You could incorporate that school's logo or mascot into your card, or maybe a roadmap from her home to the college.

Does she like nature or the outdoors? Make the card with the cover message "Never stop chasing your dreams..." and decorate it with a subtle background of butterflies, perhaps overlaid with sheer vellum. Punch a hole about 2" in diameter in the cover and mount a little butterfly net inside so it is just visible through the hole. Put a couple butterfly stickers inside on or near the net, with inside verse, "Congratulations _ _ _ _ _ (niece's name)!"

Here's a very simple one... Print and cut out (or use a sticker) of the world (Earth) that is just the size of a clear, flat-backed glass piece. Mount a plain white square on a textured card. Glue the Earth to the center of the square, then glue on the glass piece. Inside verse could be something like, "The world is waiting for you. Go for it!"

Make an accordian pleat card with lots of die-cut hands mounted inside. Mount a single hand on the front on a couple layered rectangles (in HS colors).Tie a little tag to one finger on front hand that says "Clap Clap Clap." Put another set on layered rectangles inside with your message or just "Congratulations!"

If you need further explanation for any of the above ideas, Lynne, just email me.

Hope these ideas will inspire you.

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Hi Minnie and Red_Confetti,

Wow, you have given me some great ideas. Thank you so much. As it turns out, I went to a friends house on Saturday and she helped me with the card. She found a layout that we used, and she suggested the same thing that RC did, to use the school colors. Using a one inch stamp, I stamped 3 mortarboards on the front of the card. On the fourth one, I mounted and framed a mortarboard in the school colors. For the inside, I had a large word stamp that had words and phrases such as Dream, Take a Walk etc.

She loves nature, so I may use some of RC's other suggestions for a second or third card. I think I'm getting her a present.

Minnie, I went to one of the craft stores but didn't see any of the layouts.

I will be having 2 nephews and some friends graduating next year, so I will definitely save these ideas.

Thanks so much for all of the help. You are the greatest.

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RC, by the way, I like stamping and then watercoloring or chalking the image. The coloring of the image is what I like. I am not fond of cutting or folding - I don't seem to have much patience for them, and I'm not that great at them. However, I have great patience in the coloring of the image. I will be able to give the card in person.

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Glad you got her card made, Lynne. It always seems to me that the hardest part of making a card is deciding what design, what message, etc. to use. The actual making doesn't really take long, once my mind is made up - LOL!

Do you have a digital camera? Did you know you can post pictures here of the cards you have made? We love to look at cards, etc. made by other folks here!

Don't be a stranger - we need more active posters at this forum!

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Hi RC,

Yes, I hav4e a digital camera and I will try to take a picture soon.

After seeing the great ideas on this site, I agree, it would be great to have more active posters.

It may take a while, but I will post the card. I am clumsy at some tasks involved in card making, so some of my efforts look amateurish, but I think I can learn too.


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Glad you have a camera, Lynne, and will be posting pictures of your cards!

Don't worry about any sign of amateurishness... if we were professionals, we would be working for Hallmark and not sharing ideas here!

I, too, have difficulty with the paper-folding... I tried to make a teabag folding card, and could never get the little folds just right so they'd line up when I put them together. But I had wasted so much time on that idea I had to get something finished and mailed! So I went ahead and sent the card - my Aunt loved it! She wasn't looking at the imperfections, just at the card that obviously was made just for her.

Always remember - it is the thought that counts! Many of mine are sort of kiddish, but I make most of them for kids and an Alzheimer's patient, and I haven't heard any complaints yet! They love to get cards, especially ones obviously made just for them.

And the more you make, the easier it gets!

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I love the teabag folding but have had no success. In fact I think I gave most of my supplies away. I just couldn't get the paper folded so it looked good.

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I saw a card somewhere, can't remember where, that had a cap with a tassle and it said "The tassle is worth the hassle". I thought that was cute.

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One of the first graduation cards I designed has continued to be a favorite and it's very simple. Print the name of the high school and Class of 2006 on cardstock in one of her school colors. Make sure the cardstock is cute 1/2" to 3/4" smaller than the front of the card. Affix the card to the front of the card. Using a pen print the names of clubs, classes, sports and friends that she participated in during high school. Inside just stamp or write 'Congratulations! You did it!' I still make several of them every year! Good luck!

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