Painting over Restor-a-Finish?

balego_gwFebruary 15, 2011

Is it possible to paint over something that has previously had Howards Restor-a-Finish and Feed-n-Wax applied to it?

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Hello Balego,

My name is Christine and I'm a paint associate at The Home Depot.

First you should lightly sand the surface with a medium grit sandpaper. Your goal here is to remove the Feed-n-Wax. Then use an oil based primer. After the primer dries, you can use either use an oil or latex based paint.

I hope that helped,

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Hi Christine, thankyou! I'm pleased to know that it is possible to paint some of the items I had previously used the RAF on. I have B.I.N. primer, should that work okay?

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The BIN primer will work perfectly!

Glad I could help.


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