Stripping Polyurethane Varnish

stinkytigerFebruary 25, 2010


I have wooden doors (front and garage) which are covered in Minwax Clear Shield. I want to refinish these doors by stripping off the Minwax and applying Sikkens Cetol Marine.

Can someone recomend a good way to stripping 200 sq feet of this Minwax Clear shield?

I do not want to remove the doors, and have to contend with glass windows and rubber / plastic weather stripping. The doors are cedar, douglas fir, and some unidentified plywood.

I am willing to battle getting gassed by Methly Chloride, and risk fire (heat gun?), if I have to. But prefer to avoid this. Anyone have any advice as to how to go about this. I also do not really want to sand like crazy for the rest of my life.

If someone has a great heat gun technique, or some great chemical stripper / technique (saran wrap) I would love to hear about it.

warmest regards, Mike.

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Someone just told me about Ready Strip which is peroxide based (not smelly or hazardous) but have not yet used it. Apparently there is problems with quality control - if it is an old batch then it doesn't work, has lost its potency. But new batch - said to work really well.

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