3-D CARDS How to

minnie_txMarch 4, 2006

This is a repost so this is the second repost haha

I'm reposting so you don't have to wade through the other postings.

BTW I am posting a sample of the kind of card to use in the gallery. see note on the

bottom of these instructions.

RE: 3-D Cards: want to learn how?

Posted by: Minnie_TX (My Page) on Tue, Feb 12, 02 at 23:40

Back in the late 60s and 70Âs the layering of one print on another to make beautiful 3

dimensional pictures became very popular. I have several framed things done this way by

my sister. They are still beautiful after all these years.

I started making Christmas cards using this technique several years ago before I learned

about rubber stamping. I have several framed as well.

I donÂt see why this technique couldnÂt be used with stamped and colored images or with

designs made on the home computer. You just have to have enough copies to get the


To get a visual idea - take several Christmas or other greeting cards and examine them to

see if a little lift here or an extra set of wings on that butterfly would enhance it.

3-D Cards


At least 3 identical cards or prints

Fine Sharp scissors

X-Acto knife and cutting mat

Tacky glue

Silicone Sealer from Hardware store or Creatively Yours Clear Silicone

Mounting tabs and/or sheet of Fun Foam or thin foam to make lifts

Felt tip marker or crayon - brown or gold

Look carefully at card or print to determine those portions that could be raised or layered

to give a 3 - D effect

1. One of the cards or prints will be the base card. All layering is done on top of this


2. Cut portions of the 2nd card to layer on to the base card first. Then do the same

with the 3rd card, deciding whether to cut an identical shape for the next layer or a

different section. Remember you are trying to create a 3 dimensional look.

3. After arranging the layout, color the edges of the cut pieces with the crayon or

marker to cover the white edge. This will help with the illusion.

4. Squeeze a glob of the silicone or glue a lift tab to the area on the base card where

you want to put the first layer of cut-outs. It should not be glued flat as in a

scrapbook but be suspended above the base card.

5. Continue with layer 2 and 3 if you are using more than 3 cards.

6. When you finish the card should look 3 dimensional. From the side you will see the

different layers and lifts.

7. A matte spray may be used as a final step but is not necessary.

8. DonÂt forget to sign and date the card. It may also be framed in a small

shadowbox type picture frame.

NOTE: Some parts of the card may look best if slightly curved or shaped with a pencil or

craft stick as in leaves. You may choose a different color marker or crayon to do the edges

or you may not want to color them at all. Embossing certain parts or the use of glue and

gold foil may also give an added interest.

I hope you can follow these instructions.

When I learn how to upload I'll post one or two so you can see what they look like


NOTE:These are the kinds of cards to look for . See how they almost look 3D already? If

you use one card for the base and then cut another card up with the toy sheep, plate and

santa and put them on and then using a third card cut just the sheep and santa out and put

on. After you get a little experience you could work on the bells and maybe the wheels on

the cart. Sorry I don't have one made up already to show but you can get the idea

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minnie_tx, thank you for reposting. Oh, it looks so fun!! (I'm in Texas too)

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minnie_tx, there's one thing I'm not quite sure about--why are you cutting out 2 cards instead of 1--is it so it is a little thicker?

Thank you!

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On this years Christmas cards I only used one layer of cut-outs. If I was doing a picture to be framed I'd use two or maybe even three layers to give it more dimemsion.

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I've been making 3D cards for a month or so, they are fun to make! i'm always looking for pictures that could be used for them! DianePA

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Thanks I'll take a look.

DIL is making 3-D cards of photos she has taken of different Castles over in germany

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Hah! I never thought of that until you mentioned it, Minnie... just use my computer and printer to make as many copies of a picture as I need! So much more versatile (and cheaper!) than buying sets of prints or greeting cards to cut up.

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