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bjamesMarch 11, 2007

I have some ink pads, pigment and dye based, which are considerably new... used only one or two times. The problem is that I haven't used them for a while, and now they are "dry"!! Does anyone know of any way to rehydrate them? I know that there is a product on the market that is called a stamp refresher, but, I do not wish to spend any more for this. There must be a product, or something that can be made at home that can be used to solve this problem. Any advice?

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Why not try to just use some water and see if that will help. One pad wouldn't be too bad to experiment on. Or maybe some kind of paint extender from the craft paint dept. I know they sell a bottle to use on the pallette when you dont want the full strength of the paint on a project or to keep the paint moist for a while (one of the two!!)

I should check my own pad drawer and see how they are doing. Someone said to store them upside down. I know all my gel pens dried out.

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Store them upside down. This keeps the ink in the top of the pad, instead of settling to the bottom. They may only need turned upside down for a day to solve your problem without buying the re-inkers to refresh them.


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