If you painted your walls & ceiling the same color...

gopintosFebruary 3, 2010

did you do crown moulding?

Also, do you like the walls and ceiling painted the same?

Not sure this is the right forum but thought I would start here :-)

Pics would be wonderful.


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I did it in my bathrooms because I don't like crown moulding in bathrooms (it's a thing). I like it very much and feel it makes our small bathrooms seem more spacious and the ceilings a little higher. It's a total figment of course, but the impression is there.

I'm a white ceiling person everywhere else, where there is crown moulding.

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I don't know why you are asking this question, but to me, crown moulding is a way to upgrade any room, so it always is a good thing if you can afford to do it IMO. If you are painting it white and the walls and ceilings are colors that are not white, then the crown can really stand out.

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That is beautiful, Thank you!

As far as the why, just trying to figure out what to do ... deep sigh ... :-)

Thanks for the replies!

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My uncle is a well established interior decorator. His home is a Victorian, his decorating style traditional. He painted his bathroom ceiling and walls a nice red, and the crown moulding is BM linen white (a nice creamy white). Looks beautiful. I agree with painting the moulding a contrasting color so it stands out. Crown moulding also adds value and character to your home.

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All very helpful.
Thank you all very much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Home Page

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I painted my ceiling and walls the same color and it does not have crown molding. We plan on putting in crown molding but just finished painting. I really love it just the way it is but I know that crown molding makes it look even better. I tried to take a picture but since I don't have anything in the room yet I couldn't get my camera to focus properly. Even if you don't put up crown molding go ahead and paint the ceiling. I painted the ceiling flat and have matte on the walls and there is a slight difference in looks.

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I'm wondering, is flat and matte the same thing? Did you mean flat and satin or eggshell?

It's funny, I have a neighbor who is an interior decorator. She swears on flat paint in all her rooms. My uncle goes with eggshell or satin. My friend goes with semi gloss, he likes the shinier look. ALL of them have beautiful homes, so it just goes to show it's all about personal taste, but there are pros and cons to each of them no matter how you look at it.

I've seen ceilings with those built in original medallions around light fixtures, and in that case I would paint the ceiling an eggshell or satin finish, to show off the texture and details. Otherwise, in my case I have no medallions on my ceiling, they look best flat, and in our old home I have imperfections to hide. I have rooms in my own house with white ceilings, color on walls, and others with the same color on walls and ceiling. Mostly, the smaller rooms I have the ceiling the same color as the walls. In my dining room, I have a picture moulding, and cove ceilings. In this case, I have unpainted moulding (stained), I painted the ceiling and cove one color, and the walls (below the picture moulding) another color, at the recommendation of our interior decorator. We also have crows feet spanish plaster, which shows off the texture better with a shinier paint (I used satin, my friend uses semi gloss), but both look nice, just depends on what look you like. Some people think semi gloss is too much. Definitely a lot of shine, in my opinion. The next time I paint my hallways, however, they will be semi gloss due to high traffic area and smudges. I know this is off the subject....

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I painted my brother and SIL's bedroom all the same color. It wasn't the original plan but their ceiling was so uneven, 2 colors would have looked rediculous.

The room faces north and she used a medium toned blue (to go with brown and white accents).

It looks very nice and cozy.

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There is a significant difference between flat and matte.

Flat paint is not washable and has no sheen.
Flat paint does not form a protective skin on top of the paint film.
Flat paint is porous, which means moisture and water can penetrate it.
Flat paint is best used for when washability/durability is not a concern.
Flat paint is easy to touch up.
Flat paint is best to use when you want to hide seams/flaws.

Matte is washable and has the lowest sheen of all washable paints (some claim it has no sheen but this is not true).
Matte does form a protective skin on top of the paint film when dry.
Matte is not porous so it will repel moisture.
Matte is washable.
Matte does not touch up as well as flat.
Matte is not a good choice for hiding seams/flaws, but it is better than eggshell, semi gloss, satin, etc.

Also, flat paint usually costs about half the price of matte because the ingredients used to make flat paint are cheaper. Cheap fillers like talc, chalk, clay are used in a flat paint to fluff up the paint film and that fluffiness is exactly what makes it a good choice for hiding and touching up.

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You guys are awesome! Thank you.

I ended up painting the walls and the ceilings the same and I love them! Might do crown, have to see how much money is left at the end :-)

The only ceiling that is different, is the ceiling in the 2 story foyer, it is an antique white, as the foyer walls are one color and the loft is another but they merge together beautifully on the walls, so there is one color on the ceiling that the two share. I will have a medallion in the foyer and I think it is going to look amazing!!

Thank you again!

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Glad you went for it and love it!

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We're painting hallways a light apricot, the ceiling an off white. Should the inside doors match the walls, the ceiling or be a semi-gloss off white?

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