Labels for CD-R Question

CricketmMarch 8, 2003

Does anyone have any instructions on making Labels for

CD-R Holders.

I would appreciate any instructions you have to help me.

I have Microsoft Works 2002 -- Picture It Photo -- but it did not help me make the size I want for my holders.

Thank in anticipation to a reply.


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I have CD Stomper. I haven't made many labels anyway. but why don't you try over at the Computer Forum or the Computer Crafts Forum. Just scroll back up to Other Forums. I'm sure someone can help if no one here has the answer.

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Tiger_SunnyFla "CDR holders" I'm assuming (?)you mean the jewel cases? Try looking into your burner software...most have an option to create the jewel case inserts....

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Thanks Minnie and Tiger -- I will definitely use your suggestions.

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Cricketm, I use PictureIt 2000 and it has templates for the Cd cases. I have never used those templates. I simply measure the size that I need for the case and then in PictureIt I go to file, new and click on custom and make the page the size that I need. I design it the way I want and then print out the exact size.

My son uses CD Labeler II software for his CD labels. It also will make Case inserts.

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I also just measure the size of the jewel case and design my own using Picture It. I usually don't put a label right on the cd, especially if you are going to use it in a car cd player. It can throw them off balance, causing a jam, or actually shattering the cd. If you do label the cd, one of those "cd stomper" things will help you get the label on evenly. IMPORTANT: Never try to remove a label after it has touched the disc. The adhesive can remove the top layer of lacquer on the disc, and probably the reflective layer beneath it as well, which will ruin your disc.

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Good information CreativMom

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