Baby ABC Blocks

rosie_gaMarch 3, 2003

OK......I'm planning on putting ABCs on wooden blocks. Will use one letter per block and three pictures that match that letter. I will paint and then decoupage the letter and pictures. I need a source for uniform letters and animals, objects, etc. That means 78 pictures of animals and/or objects. My blocks are 2 1/4 in square. Haven't looked in the "School/Teacher" stores I see. They might have something like this. Any ideas????

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I wonder if you did a google search for baby abc blocks if something wouldn't show up. I bet it would then you could print off.

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Tried that......there are many wooden blocks to sell and I can see some as examples. I might try kiddie books in the library. I just need them all to be a consistent size.

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Rosie, I did a google search for printable ABC books and there were loads of them This link has a lot of links. I looked at a few and there is so much you can use.
This one looks good too.

Hope you can find something

If you download something you can resize it in your computer.

Here is a link that might be useful: ABC links

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Rosie...I was just trying to organize some of the bookmarks I've collected from these forums...and came across this site..AlphaBuddieshref> Looks like it may help!

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well thanks you two.......didn't think to put in printable abc .......duhhhhhh!!
will go check them out.

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Try scrapbook stores. They have tons of letters and stickers

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