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palimpsestFebruary 3, 2013

Linked below is a house for sale by the architect that designed mine. He also designed a lot of rather odd stuff, and did urban renewal where he was hampered by size and budget. My house is in the latter categories but I think his vision was persistent.

My house sits about where the door is sliding off the pile of old lumber. These were probably taken in preparation for the redevelopment and my house was finished within two years of this photo. So, you can see it was a neighborhood for the adventurous.


(photo from Bryn Mawr Archive)
The execution was somewhat imperfect, and the need for security bars on the fronts kind of affected the design (Most have been subsequently removed). Some of these are not aging that well. None of these are my house, by the way.

What he was able to do, though was make the interiors fairly light filled, which was one of the positive aspects of brutalism.

This modest house, the Carner Residence, is much nicer on the interior than one would expect:

I covered the people in this interior shot from Flickr. The Flickr pictures are from a house tour

Even on the very modest projects, like my house, he played with solids and voids, -two ends of the same room: The windows and doors need to be replaced with something more fitting.

He really pushed the wall fenestration in his own studio, with 40+ windows.

So, I think I want to be careful what I put back in this house, in terms of what is attached to the house itself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gladwyne House

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Love the link-that's where I grew up! Well, the area, not the house!

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I can walk to the linked house. What they fail to say is that it is very close to the Schuylkill Expressway and traffic noise is pretty constant. On the other hand, there is an enormous and very beautiful estate behind it.

No suggestion about what to do with your house, as your eye is far better than mine. I love windows, but in the city, I also would want privacy.

(Hi, Cyn!)

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In the white brick houses, people can never quite figure out what to do with those walls of glass that line the stairwell. It lets a lot of light in but it makes for exposure going up and down the stairs. The large walls of glass in my house are oriented toward privacy. However, this means we look out at a brick and stucco blank wall or at the parapet with a bit of a view over the top.

The street facing windows are going to have to be multilayered, I think. Room darkening roller shades for nighttime light control, sheers for the day and probably curtains for evening privacy.

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This bathroom doesn't look to bad at a glance, and I like the sink, but it has a 24" door and a very cheap metal tub:

The 3/4 is a mess though:

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